Accommodation in Val d'Isere

Seasonal & Long Lets

Date:  Sat 2nd Dec 2023 - Sun 5th May 2024

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What is included

The price of a Seasonal Let includes:

  • Accommodation in Val d’Isere from the day the resort opens to midday the following day (we give you the morning to vacate following the last day of skiing)
  • Fully equipped kitchens with crockery, cutlery and utensils for the number of people it accommodates. All properties vary in content
  • Pillows and blankets or duvets are provided for every bed
  • A hoover for regular use!
  • Water is included in all rentals
  • Electricity is included in some properties only. Please check when selecting your property. For a 4 person studio, electricity usage over the season would be approx. £150 each

What is not included

The price of a Seasonal Let excludes:

  • Bed linen; you must bring your own sheets. Most tenants prefer to bring their own duvet too. We do not accept just sleeping bags on our beds. Linen must be used as an under sheet to protect the mattress and preserve its cleanliness. We have sets of rental stock for sale from 25€ upwards depending on condition and size. New linen is available to purchase, on request
  • Towels; these must be provided by the tenant. Towels may also be purchased on arrival. Cost from 15€ (depending on size)
  • Electricity is not included in most properties. Please check the availability when selecting your apartment. We take a meter reading on entry and the units used are calculated and charged at the rate issued on the contract. Normally we then deduct this amount owed from your damage deposit making it easy for both parties. The entire electricity consumption plus all associated taxes and monthly contract charges will be deducted.
  • Wifi – some properties have wifi included, most don’t but almost all properties have a telephone socket should you want to install wifi for your stay at your own cost. We cannot set this up for you as the contract has to be in your name. 

Brexit - how it impacts a seasonal let

Any UK citizen thinking about a seasonal let in Val d'Isere now has to consider the implications of Brexit.  

You cannot exceed a 90 day stay within a 180 day perioid.  However, if you are not intending to work and your visit is essentially a long ski holiday, you can exceed the 90 day limit by applying for a long stay VISA.  

You have to prove you have enough funds to stay that the French government have established is 65€ a day.  

This is a useful link on the French government website:  Tourist or Private visit | (

Another useful link to calculate days for the 90/180 days rule is here, Schengen Simple | The Schengen calculator that maximises your stays within the 90/180 rule.

or not quite as good as the one above, Schengen Visa Calculator (

Stay exceeding 3 months

► Your situation

You want to visit France for private reasons, for a period exceeding 3 months without engaging in any professional activity during your stay, i.e. not work.

► Your visa

You must apply for a long-stay “visiteur” (visitor) visa. The procedures will vary depending on the length of your proposed stay:

  • For stays of between 4 and 6 months, you will be issued a temporary long-stay visa that may not be extended;
  • For stays of between 4 and 12 months, you will be issued a long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit. This visa is subject to a validation procedure following your arrival in France.

► Your supporting documentation

This will be indicated in the visa wizard and will differ depending on your country of residence or on your nationality. You must prove information about your socio-economic situation (leave, retirement, etc.), your resources, your accommodation and your medical cover in France. You must also formally agree not to engage in any professional activity during your stay in France.

► Working in resort

If you intend to seek work and extend your stay over 90 days, you should speak to your employer as you will need a work visa and be employed on the French system. 

► Longer stay, year round

If you intend to live and work in resort, you will have to apply for a Carte de Sejour that is a French residence permit for people who stay in France up to a year, although this can be extended for a longer period of time.   This can also apply to people who do not work but wish to live in France.  

Damage Deposits

A refundable damage deposit must be paid for prior to entry. This is fully refundable at the end of the season (2 months after the final date of contract, not your departure date) provided you haven't spent six months in squalor and trashed the place following many a wild night in Dicks Tea Bar. A popular belief with our younger tenants is that when one takes a seasonal apartment, unreasonable wear and tear and leaving the property filthy dirty is included in the rental price!

We make a very clear distinction between wear which is normal and inevitable and tear which definitely is not. Our contracts are governed by English law and protect both you and Mountain Rooms & Chalets against such disputes. It's terribly simple, we have a duty to ensure every property is left as found and as the owner gave it to us. The main problem we have year after year is tenants don’t inform us of their departure day so an inventory is not done & we are not able to do a cleaning check. This results in us having to do it without their presence and having to clean the property which is a cost deducted from the damage deposit.

At the beginning of each season we clean a property following summer close down. This is an easy clean as the hard work was done at the end of the previous season. Carpets must be cleaned, sofa covers and bedding laundered and every item in the apartment counted and replaced (if anything is missing) and any repairs made prior to the following season.  This is done to ensure a property is maintained and fully operational for the next tenant.

As a new tenant, we show you in to your apartment and go through the inventory with you, we document the condition of the property and we both sign it as a mark of acceptance.

We regularly check properties to ensure you are looking after it and reserve the right to put a cleaner in (at your cost) if we are not happy with what we see.

At the end of each season, the same person from Mountain Rooms & Chalets comes back to the property to go through the same inventory you did on entry. Everything is counted, the documented condition is understood and we go from there.

We don't hold on to deposits. We do have to wait for the last bills to come in, hence needing at least two months to process everything from the final date of the contract. This 2 months does not relate to your departure date. We want you to tell your friends about Mountain Rooms & Chalets. If all tenants respect us and their apartment as much as we respect their business, we won't or wouldn't have any problems. We keep it as simple as you make it.

Monthly visits

We take great care to keep an eye on our properties and protect them against the rigours of a season. This allows us to check on maintenance, condition of the property, number of occupants and check in with you on a regular basis.  

Properties without wifi

The best wifi option for a seasonal let is to get a Bouygues telecom box.  They are normally very good. Bouygues offers unlimited download for a fixed price, Orange and SFR do not.


We hope this helps.

End of season protocol

We issue several notices at the end of season informing tenants of their obligations in terms of cleaning, deposits, leaving early etc. These notices are delivered to every apartment.  The main points to understand are:

If some tenants leave early and others stay we still have to retain the full damage deposit until the end of the season. The departing tenant must realise that his/her name is still part of the contract until the day the last one leaves. It is the tenants' choice to leave early.

Carpets must be cleaned and sofa covers, bedding and mattress protectors must be laundered at the end of the season. We offer the laundry service and a carpet cleaner at a reasonable rate. Most tenants ask us to carry out these jobs and we deduct the cost from the damage deposit. It is entirely up to you. 

All bulbs must be replaced in lights at the end of the season. This goes back to leaving the place as you found it. If tenants don't do this, again we have to and the amount is deducted from their deposit.

The tenant can purchase missing inventory items but we have a stock of crockery, cutlery and glassware to purchase if necessary. The cost of which can be deducted from the damage deposit.

If electricity is not included, it is standard practice to deduct the cost from the damage deposit. We take an electricity meter reading on entry and on departure. The units used are calculated and charged at a fixed rate per unit (high and low season unit prices). The entire electricity consumption plus all associated taxes and monthly contract charges will be deducted.

General information

The building is insured for fire but if the tenant sets the place alight due to negligence with a cigarette, they are liable. Likewise, if they put a chair through a window, they must pay for a new pane. (Not that this has ever happened).

Mountain Rooms & Chalets does not insure personal effects.

An unreasonable level of noise is not tolerated by the local community. The town is really hot on this so unfortunately, one written warning is issued to the offending property then any problems following this, the tenants are out. We have never had to do this. Excessive noise is something we get to hear about from neighbours or concierges and we have an obligation to deal with it.

Rent and damage deposits must be paid in full prior to entry. This is for several reasons:

  • If tenants are given the opportunity to pay monthly, rent is never paid on time and we are left to chase, generally resulting in rent arrears. 
  • Injury may cause early departure leaving us with a property to sell on in a market place that is seasonal and with no demand after December.   Insurance policies normally cover this and we can supply proof of letting to recover rent paid.
  • People often neglect to pay and end up leaving town after a month or so., sadly leaving us out of pocket.  


Our contract features a clause that states ‘ that the Tenant may not sublet any part of the accommodation. This also applies to the time of departing resort.

 If you as the contracted tenant wish to leave resort prior to the end of season date, that is your choice. You CANNOT sub-let your property to your friends to recover rent paid. You must return your keys to our resort office and follow the departure procedure.

Please note: If you injure yourself or find it necessary to leave resort early for personal reasons, we are more than happy to help you find someone to take over your contract to enable you to recover any loss or rent.

How to book and pay

1.  Complete our enquiry form to express your interest in renting one of our apartments in Val d'Isere.

2.  We raise and email your Rental Agreement for you to sign. This is governed by English law.

3.  You then return one copy to us for our files and keep the other one for your reference.

4.  We also email and invoice for payment.  Payment terms = 30% non-refundable deposit due to secure your accommodation, then the balance is due on 7th  October (8 weeks before the start of the season)

Easy Payment scheme – we offer clients the facility to pay off the balance between the time of booking and the balance due in order to spread the payment load and maybe make life easier. You can pay off as much as you like (minimum amount £100) and as often as you like. If that is of interest to you, just send payments as you wish.

-  You make your 30% payment. If you are making a bank transfer, please ensure you include a reference that includes your name and the invoice number. This shows up on our bank paperwork making reconciliation of payments easier for accounts.

-  Once your full  payment has been confirmed, call us to inform us when you intend to arrive in resort. Arrival must be within 9.30 – 11.30 and 5-7pm.

-  Access to your property is authorised from the dates specified in your contract. You come to our resort office to pick up your keys and check in with Operations staff.

-  We then hand over the keys, accompany you to your property and go through the inventory.

-  We then make regular checks throughout the season.


Parking is difficult in Val d'Isere so spaces and underground cover is at a premium. We have underground spaces available to rent on a seasonal basis for £400.00.
If you are interested in renting one, please email or call us on +44 (0) 203 393 0812.