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France & resort opening update


The French health minister announced yesterday that indicators of the Covid-19 epidemic in France are stable, but the spread of the new variants (British, South African & Brazilian) are still something to be cautious of.  He said it is a fragile situation but under control.  France have avoided the need for a further lockdown but it is clear the next few weeks will be crucial.  

"We are not betting on the future, but we hope to avoid further confinement," said Olivier Véran.

The vaccination programme is well under way in France and they are effecttive on the British variant.  The South African and Brazilian variants are circulating less in France at the moment. 

Meanwhile in Val d'Isere, the ski lifts remain closed with resort open for:

-  walking

-  XC skiing

-  ski randonee

-  take-away food service from restaurants

-  shops open

-  we are open along with a number of hotels & residences

.......all until further news of an opening date. 

Stay tuned for new developments.