Upgrades & Extras

Start your holiday the right way

Once you have purchased your holiday you can add to it and pay for upgrade services. We have a range of upgrades & extras that are available on request. Please let us know at the time of booking if you would like:

'Scatered Holidays'

If you are considering or have booked self catered accommodation, you can upgrade to a 'Scatered' holiday. This is cross between self catered and catered board. The price per person includes:

Included in the price:

  • 3 evening meals with starter, main, dessert, coffee, chocolates and wine.
  • Breakfast on 6 mornings
  • Afternoon tea consisting of home baked cake, bread and jams.
  • Daily clean of your property (6 mornings, chalet host day off Wednesday pre 14th January when we are Saturday to Satuday and Thursday after 14th January when we return to Sunday to Sunday)
  • Maxi towels and bath robes.
  • Mid week towel and bath mat change
  • Clarins toiletries
  • Tissues and toilet rolls

Menus are sent out prior to arrival to allow you to choose your food at leisure, prior to arrival.  We steer clear of the set menu formula.  We have two menus; = a Modern and a Traditional menu to cover all options, ingredients and types of food.  You can also choose your wine (red or white) prior to arrival and we offer the option to buy more to top up supplies.

The fact you can choose your food prior to arrival and the colour of your wine, is a vast improvement on the traditional approach. 

Price per person, per week Total to add to basic self catered price
2 Persons....£917 each

2 Persons total = £1,833

3 Persons....£657 each

3 Persons total = £1,970

4 Persons....£513 each

4 Persons total = £2,050

5 Persons....£446 each

5 Persons total = £2,228

6 Persons....£395 each

6 Persons total = £2,369

7 Persons....£362 each

7 Persons total = £2,533

8 Persons....£328 each

8 Persons total = £2,622

9 Persons....£437 each

9 Persons total = £3,930

10 Persons..£409 each

10 Persons total = £4,092

11 Persons.. £386 each

11 Persons total = £4,247

12 Persons..£353 each 12 Persons total = £4,237
13 Persons..£352 each 13 Persons total = £4,576

Breakfast & cleaning service – Start your day the right way!

A lot of groups like the idea of a big pre-ski breakfast being served plus a clean of the chalet but don't like the idea of a full-catered service. If this is how you feel, read on. The idea of this service is to set you up for the day with a breakfast prepared and served in your property to consist of eggs, French bacon, fresh French bread, croissants, cereals, yoghurts, orange juice, selection of jams, fruit platter, tea and fresh coffee. Once breakfast is cleared away, your property will be cleaned to include kitchen, bathrooms, beds made, fire prepared for your return and hoover throughout. It is so nice to return to a clean and tidy property. Once you break down the price per person, this is an attractive addition to your accommodation.

Service & Price includes:

On 6 mornings of the week starting Sunday morning pre 14th January when we are Saturday to Saturday and Monday morning post 14th January when we return to Sunday to Sunday

  •    Freshly baked French bread
  •    A selection of freshly baked croissants & pain au chocolates
  •    Butter & jams
  •    French bacon & eggs
  •    Breakfast cereal
  •    Selection of yoghurts
  •    Fresh fruit platter
  •    Breakfast orange juice
  •    Tea
  •    Coffee
  •    Breakfast served at an agreed time (but no later than 9.30am)
  •    Clarins toiletries
  •    Toilet rolls, so one less thing to purchase on arrival
  •    Daily bed making & clean of your chalet or apartment

Staff day off is Wednesday pre New Year and Thursday after 14th Jan.

Prices are based on a minimum of 6 mornings.

Why use this B&B & clean service?

  • It is a great introduction to the full catered route
  • A daily clean is a decadent luxury as returning to beds made, clean kitchen, log fire ready to light and bathrooms clean is wonderful
  • Avoid the hassle of having to go and get fresh bread & make breakfast yourself
  • Avoid long queues in the supermarket in the morning that could make you late for ski rendezvous
  • You don't have to clear away the dirty breakfast dishes and get to ski school on time!
  • Concentrate on getting yourself (and/or the children) ready for skiing without the extra pressure of serving breakfast
  • Extra time in bed!
  • Ski on a full stomach that avoids injury and tiredness
  • You are on holiday so treat yourself to some extra services!
Price per person, per week Total to add to basic self catered price
2 Persons.... £381 each

2 Persons total = £761.00

3 Persons.... £283 each

3 Persons total = £848.00

4 Persons....£234 each

4 Persons total = £937.00

5 Persons.... £205 each

5 Persons total = £1,023.00

6 Persons.... £186 each

6 Persons total = £1,115.00

7 Persons....£172 each

7 Persons total = £1,201.00

8 Persons.... £161 each

8 Persons total = £1,285.00

9 Persons.... £188 each        

(jumps to 2 members of staff)

9 Persons total = £1,693.00

10 Persons..£175 each

10 Persons total = £1,749.00

11 Persons...£165 each

11 Persons total = £1,815.00

12 Persons...£156 each 12 Persons total = £1,874.00
13 Persons...£154 each

13 Persons total = £2,002.00

Conditions: Prices are based on a service of 6 days minimum. As the Chalet Host has to have a day off, a 7th morning is not possible. The Chalet Host will access your property early morning using our master key. Service includes breakfast served at an agreed time but no later than 9.30am to include fresh French bread, selection of croissants & pain au chocolates, butter, jam, cereal, yoghurts, fresh fruit platter, orange juice, tea, coffee, French bacon, eggs. No alternatives are offered for any of the above mentioned items. No variation in the menu is permitted. We reserve the right to cancel the service without prior notice if management deem this necessary. This must be paid for upon request.


Get stocked up, avoid the hassle
There are 3 supermarkets in Val that are pretty compact and get packed out around après ski time and even more so on Saturdays. Shopping can be a hideous nightmare!

If you:

  • Don’t like spending valuable holiday time shopping
  • Suffer from claustrophobia!
  • Dislike queuing

We can take the hassle out of your initial shopping trip by provisioning your property for you. Even if you are a 'Scatered' client but like to add your own bits and pieces to your week, we can shop for you too.

We don’t charge a mark up on items, we make our money from negotiations with suppliers. We also charge a delivery & putting away fee.

If you would like to place an order click here

Cleaning Service, you're on holiday!

Once you have paid for this service, it is hard to not to include it as part of your holiday package. The idea of leaving your chalet or apartment for the day and returning after a long day on the slopes to a pristine property is luxurious. It is just that – a luxury and one that some people consider is worth the money.

Getting staff to work whilst you ski is hard to schedule and cleaning is one of those jobs that is under rated, under paid and under valued in terms of time it takes and how hard it is!!! So prices are calculated on the true time we know it takes to do a proper job.

Prices vary according to property size. A typical clean includes beds made, clothes tidied, bathrooms cleaned, property hoovered and kitchen cleared, fire place prepared for your return and removal of rubbish.

Size of property

Total price for 5 days cleaning starting Sunday with staff day off Wednesday (pre New Year)

Total price for 5 days cleaning starting Monday with staff day off Thursday (post 14th Jan)

One Off Cleaning
Studio £147.00 £41 - 1 HOUR
1 bedroom apartment £221.00 £58 - 1.5 HOURS
2 bedroom apartment £295.00 £78- 2 HOURS
3 bedroom apartment or chalet £371.00 £98 - 2.5 HOURS
4 bedrooms + apartment or chalet £441.00 £118 - 3 HOURS
5 bedroom apartment or chalet £589.00 £156 - 4 HOURS
6 bedroom apartment or chalet £736.00 £196 - 5 HOURS

Terms & conditions: A daily clean is performed anytime between 8.30am – 11.30am using as many staff as it takes to clean the property properly. Duties consists of making beds, tidying your belongings, cleaning bathrooms & WC’s, dusting and hoovering throughout, loading dishwasher, tidying kitchen (not a full oven clean), sweeping floors, emptying the bins, cleaning out fire and re-stocking wood. A daily clean must be pre-booked and for the entire week. If we have staff available, this can be booked when in-resort but it is subject to staff availability. This must be paid for at the time of booking. We reserve the right to cancel this service at any time without prior notice.

Additional bed linen/towels/robes  

Our catered chalets & apts, include lots of extras but not all those listed below and our self-catered product tends to stick to the basics. We could add everything in but we all know that the only person who ends up paying for them is you the client, so we keep things simple and offer the extras to be factored in on top of your accommodation cost.

We have sourced the most luxurious bath robes from Canada that are made from the highest grade, softest materials to give you the ultimate feeling of luxury when you step out of the bath or shower. It took a long time to find the ultimate bathrobe so rest assured, this Canadian brand is it! Our office staff think this item appeals to more women than men but after a hard day on the slopes I’m not convinced (DW). After a long soak in the bath to revive the legs it’s a great indulgence to wrap yourself in a big fluffy bathrobe and relax with a G&T in your hand. Heaven!

Rental price is £8.75 each.

Purchase price is £75

Please reserve robes at the time of booking to ensure they are available.

Additional bath towels     
If the supply of one bath and one hand towel per person is not enough, you can order more from us. You have a choice of a maxi bath towel or a regular bath or hand towel. Our towels are heavy weight, fine quality sourced in France with a high thread count making them thick and cosy.

Rental prices for up to 7 days are:

Maxi bath towel (100 x 150 cm) £9.55
Regular bath towel (70 x 140 cm) £9.55
Hand towel (50 x 100 cm) £3.85
Bath mat £3.85

Purchase prices are:

Maxi bath towel (100 x 150 cm) £35.30
Regular bath towel (70 x 140 cm) £28.40
Hand towel (50 x 100 cm) £16.20
Bath mat £20.20

NB. Rental prices quoted are for rental of items for 1-7 days.  

Additional linen     
People ask for additional linen for lots of reasons so our range of poly/cotton sheets are available at an extra cost as follows:

Item Cost
Fitted or flat single sheet £6.93
Fitted or flat double sheet £6.93
King flat sheet £7.13
Single duvet cover £10.23
Double or queen duvet cover £12.95
King duvet cover £13.35
Pillow case, square or rectangle £2.18

Tea towel
(2 are supplied in the price of your self catered accommodation)


Luxury Bathrooms Slippers     
If you love to soak in the bath then wrap yourself in a bathrobe and slip your feet in to slippers, we have a stock of luxury bathroom slippers. These are available to purchase at £12 a pair. Please specify your size. They come in small (2-4), medium (5-8) or large (9+). Colour: white.     

NB. Prices quoted are for rental of items for 1-7 days.


If you would like to add a set of toiletries to your week, we provide 60 ml bottles of Clarins shampoo, conditioner and shower gel plus a boxed 30g Clarins soap.  This costs £15.00 a set. 

Please let us know at the time of reservation if you would like to add this to your self catered holiday.

‘Scatered’ holidays and B&B board include this range within the price paid.

Babies Cot and High Chair Hire  

If you are travelling with infants, we can provide a cot and high chair on request free of charge.  We need notice please as we have a finite number of cots and high chairs in stock. 

Linen for the cots is not included as most parents bring their own. If this is a problem, you are welcome to rent a single sheet for the mattress.  


Where it has been agreed that a dog can stay in an apartment, there is an additional charge of £25 per dog per week.