Can you get a train to Val d’Isère?

Welcome to Mountain Rooms & Chalets, your partner for a great holiday experience in Val d’Isere, one of the world's top ski resorts, which is part of the Espace Killy area. Many visitors want to know whether they can travel to this destination by train. Let's dive into the details.

Access by train

Val d’Isere does not have direct train access, but there is a major train station nearby, in Bourg St Maurice, which is about 30 kilometers away. From Bourg St Maurice, you can take a taxi, bus or private transfer to reach Val d’Isere, which typically takes about 40 to 50 minutes. The train journey from major cities like Amsterdam to Bourg St Maurice (travel time: 8.5 hours) is a scenic adventure in itself as well as being a sustainable and enjoyable option. If you depart from Paris Gare de Lyon, the high-speed trains (TGV, for Train à Grande Vitesse) will whisk you through the diverse landscapes of France to the Alpine heart of Bourg St Maurice in just under 5 hours' time. During this comfortable and convenient journey, you are introduced to the stunning vistas of mountains and valleys along the way. This is why train travel for winter destinations is becoming increasingly popular.

The final leg: from Bourg St Maurice to Val d’Isère

After you reach Bourg St Maurice, your adventure continues as you change from rail to road. The local bus services, which are timed to coincide with the arrival of trains, will smoothly bring you to Val d’Isere. Private transfers are also available. These services can be booked in advance and provide a direct route to your accommodation in Val d’Isere, also for families and groups with lots of luggage.

Embrace the winter season: travel tips

Traveling to Val d’Isère during the winter months requires some preparation and we are here to help answer any questions you may have. It's a good idea to check the train and bus schedules in advance, as they may vary by season. If you rent a car, check whether it has winter tyres or snow chains in view of the snowy conditions you may encounter. By booking early, you can sometimes benefit from better rates.

A green choice: the eco-friendly advantage

Choosing the train over flying is not only more adventurous, but will also significantly reduce your carbon footprint. A train journey is a lower-emission alternative to air travel. So by opting for the train, you will contribute to the preservation of the stunning natural landscapes that make Val d’Isère a premier skiing destination.

Book your mountain getaway with Mountain Rooms & Chalets

After disembarking from the train, your ski accommodation in Val d'Isere awaits you with open arms. Mountain Rooms & Chalets offers a wide selection of luxury chalets and other holidays options in this beautiful winter wonderland. We personally manage and check all our holiday accommodations to ensure your holiday is nothing short of magical.

Why choose us?

All our properties are designed to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. They are strategically located to ensure you can quickly reach the ski lifts and town centre. Our services are tailored to enhance your holiday experience. For instance, our team of staff can arrange ski lift passes so you don't have to queue up during peak hours on your family holiday. We can also arrange for equipment rental, organise a personal transfer from Bourg St Maurice to your holiday home or give you great tips, for instance where to find the sledging slopes.

Book early and embrace winter

To make sure you're not left empty-handed, you may want to book both your train tickets and your holiday accommodation early. Early reservations sometimes also get you the best rates, but more importantly, they ensure availability. Planning ahead also allows you to take advantage of our comprehensive travel advice, including tips on travel times and local amenities in Val d’Isere. So embrace the charm of the Alps and book your next ski holiday with Mountain Rooms & Chalets. Whether you're looking for the thrill of the ski slopes or just a peaceful retreat from the daily grind, Val d’Isere offers the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Book now and make all your ski dreams come true!