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How to get to Val d'Isere

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‘Dynamic packaging’ has become the new buzzword of the travel industry. With the use of the internet, people no longer need to purchase package holidays as it has become so easy to put together your own travel package using various suppliers.

We do not sell or take payment for travel but we are legally permitted to advise you.

By Air

The main airports served by the major airlines are Lyon in France and Geneva in Switzerland. Most flights from the London area take about 1hr 50 minutes but you have to add on the extra 1 hr time difference.

British Airways is extending its route network from London City Airport this winter with a new route to Chambery, the gateway to the French Alps.  Click here for more details

With more and more cheap flights available, most people tend to use scheduled carriers including:

British Airways,
Easy Jet,
Ryan Air (who have now purchased Buzz),
British Midland,

We highly recommend you try a ski specialist flight agent in the UK called Ski Flights. Mention you have come from Mountain Rooms & Chalets and they will look after you. Contact them on and check out their latest deals and prices. Or email

If you book in advance you can get some great rates. Smaller airports such as Chambery & Grenoble, are now attracting airlines like Ryan Air but beware of transfers to and from resort as hire car companies and public transport are not easy to find.

If you don't like searching every airline for hours on end, we have found a new website called who show all airlines and available flights for most European routes. It can reduce search time dramatically. See also,

If you are experiencing difficulties in finding a flight in to any French or Swiss airport, try Turin in Italy as this is not as far from Val d'Isere as you think. We regularly do a staff trip to Turin and on a Saturday or Sunday it can take from 3.5hrs to reach resort (allow more time on a heavy high season Saturday).


The Eurostar overnight service departs from Waterloo Friday afternoon and stops in Paris. You change platforms (not station) and take another train that arrives at Bourg St Maurice the following morning (Saturday). Transfer time from Bourg St Maurice to Val d’Isere is approximately 40 minutes. This can be longer on busy weeks. 

You then have most of the following Saturday to ski as the train departs Bourg St Maurice early evening, stops in Paris, again you change platform (not station) and arrive in Waterloo Sunday morning. This option gives you more ski time either end of your weeks stay in resort. This option and the price you pay includes a couchette (bed).  However, for us operationally in resort, you arrive very early at our resort office that opens at 8.30 am.  We can offer you a place to store your luggage, also to change to go skiing and a warm space with tea and coffee but we can't get you in to your property until the outbound clients have left and the property has been cleaned.  

Then on departure day as the train leaves later this also means you want to ski all day, shower and change but it is not always possible to stay in the property that long if we have new guests coming in.  So again, we offer the same facilities in the office plus we can pick up your luggage for you and get it back to the resort office.  Showers can be used for a small fee in the sports centre. 

The Eurostar Saturday service leaves London Waterloo early Saturday morning and runs through the day to get you to Bourg St Maurice around 5pm. This is a dream if you are travelling with children and don’t want the hassle of airports, check in, baggage re-claim etc… It’s worth considering but you have to book in advance. Check out for prices and availability.

Car Hire

All major hire car companies have availability at Geneva and Lyon airports and some smaller airports. We can’t book these for you so get on line to book a car direct.  

We have partnered with who find the best deals from the car hire companies and whose rates are very competitive, backed up by a great UK based customer service team for continued support. 

To book ,

If you are flying in to Geneva on the Swiss side, we do not recommend you hire a car from the French side as this can be difficult to access. It is not impossible, it just adds time to your pick up and drop off and getting back to the right side of the terminal.

Please note that cars hired with a Swiss registration cannot be taken into France by an EU National. Therefore it is important that when booking a hire car from the Swiss side, any EU Nationals should notify the rental firm that you will be driving in France and are therefore supplied with a French registered car. However, post Brexit, this does not apply to UK residents now that we are non-EU residents.

We would advise all customers check with the rental agent at the time of booking that they are compliant and they will provide the correct car.

Some other useful web addresses:   
GPS information
The address for your GPS to get to Val d'Isere is postcode 73150 and our office is on Route de Coin. In the winter the Col de L’iseran is closed. GPS and road finder routes often give this as an option. It is NOT an option from November to June. This is also applicable to Col de Petit St Bernard.
Rough cost
To give you a rough indication of price, last season a 5 door Renault suitable for 4 adults cost £215/305€ for a weeks rental.
How to get to Val d’Isere. Directions to Val d’Isere from the airport
WARNING: Some route finders still give Italy as the route to take (the AA route finder did last season) so please be warned.
From Geneva
When you come out of the airport in Geneva there is a big sign saying FRANCE. You follow that and then join to motorway A40 in the direction of Chamonix. You follow the A40 until you see signs to ANNECY – the A41 to Annecy starts off the A40. Follow the A41 through Annecy and Chambery. After Chambery you will see a turn off to the left to Albertville – the A43 – follow signs to Albertville which eventually comes off to the left of the A43. At Albertville join the N90 to Moutiers then the D902 to Bourg St Maurice. At Bourg you will find signs to Val d’Isere, which is about 40 minutes up the mountain from Bourg.
Once you are past Annecy and heading to Chambery you don’t have to worry about road numbers too much as the names hit you as you drive making it easier for you to find your way. Also, don’t worry if you haven’t seen a sign for a while as the French like to scare you occasionally and just when you start to panic, the sign you have been looking for suddenly appears!
From Lyon
On exiting the airport follow signs to Grenoble/Chambery that will take you in the direction of the A43. Continue following directions to Chambery then beyond this is the A43 until the N90 that branches off with signs to Albertville or Centre Commercial due Chirac. Continue on the N90 through Albertville to Moutier then follow signs on D routes to Aime and Bourg St Maurice. At Bourg St Maurice follow signs to Val d’Isere, which is about 40 minutes up the mountain from Bourg.
We find it easier to drive to Val from Lyon as it seems to be much more direct and faster! As the crow flies it is closer than Geneva but there’s not much in it but we prefer the drive from & to Lyon over Geneva.
NOTE: The motorways cost money to use so you tolls must be paid along the way.  You can either pay in euros or by credit card.

We have driven both journeys many times and have done our very best to provide accurate and sound information, but if you prefer to check your route yourself, log on to

Driving from the UK

 Every winter I take my car from the UK to Val d’Isere and every year I do the drive alone and it takes me around 9-10 hours from Calais to Val d’Isere. I do put my foot down but 10 hours seems to be the general time it takes to get from Calais to Val with take away food stops only.

I take the motor way all the way (until it runs out) and tolls cost 65€ in total, petrol for a gas guzzling Subaru = 180€ and the Eurotunnel €217 (but that is a one way price).

The route, very roughly is Calais, Reims (Champagne region), Troyes, Dijon, Lyon, Chambery, Albertville, Moutiers, Bourg St Maurice, Val d’Isere.

Beware, there are often speed cameras on the return journey just before Calais. I got stopped in June 05 and had to pay a spot fine of 90€.
There is also a speed camera in the tunnel on the way to Moutiers from Val in the tunnel to Moutiers.

Total distance = 1003.7 km.

There are alternative routes but Dover is quick and easy using the Eurotunnel but cheaper and longer alternatives are available.

Private taxi

The quickest route (apart from helicopter).  Taxis are the quickest and most convenient way to reach your destination. There is no hanging around, no standing in line at the hire car desk and no stopping at other resorts or hubs as they do with the bus.   If the number of people are right, it can be good value for money.

We can pre book taxis for you, which is definitely recommended for peak periods (Christmas, New Year, half term, Easter). A driver will be waiting for you at the airport arrivals hall holding a sign with your name on it.

We use one taxi company based in Val who know us, know the location of our office and our properties making it even quicker and easier for you on arrival.  When people book their own taxis, it can be a very different experience!

Taxi cost varies according to the number of people in your group. 

Prices quoted are each way.  

Number of passengers

1 - 2


3 & 4





Geneva airport 460/650 480/650 550/650 650
Lyon airport 520/730 560/730 610/730 730
Grenoble airport 520/730 560/730 610/730 730
Chambery airport


450/550 480/550 550
Bourg St Maurice 120
130 140 150
Paris 1500/2500 1700/2500 1900/2500 2200/2500 
Turin 820/1090 890/1090 890/1090 990/1090
Milan 1000/1600 1200/1600 1200/1600 1400/1600

*Night rates apply from 8pm to 6am. 

**Saturday prices only apply between 21/12/24 to 11/01/25,  15/02/24 to 23/02/25 and between 29/03/25 to 20/04/25

Click here for Bourg Station Taxi map

Reliable service
We have a preferred taxi company that we have worked with since day 1 who are:

  • Reliable
  • Know our office & properties avoiding time consuming & painful searches around town!
  • Have fully insured vehicles
  • Own a fleet of mechanically sound, comfortable, less than 3 year old mini bus style vehicles they have good quality baby seats available within the cost 

You can either pay the driver directly in cash or if you would prefer to pay by credit card, let us know and the taxi firm will then provide a form for you to complete with credit card details so that they can take payment.

Stop en route to resort

If you would like to stop at the super market en route to Val d'Isere, this can be pre arranged with the taxi firm. They will charge an additional 100€ to the journey if you actually want to get out and shop ; if you would prefer to do a Supermarche U online click and collect shop, there is no additional charge for the taxi to stop to pick up the shopping. Let us know so we can let the taxi firm know in advance.

Shared taxi transfer

Shared taxis are possible for anyone travelling alone or for up to 3 people as any number above 3, a private taxi is approximately the same cost.         

Availability of seats is very dependent on demand so call us on UK 0203 393 0812 or email to enquire.  

Prices start from around 75€ per person.  

Transfer to resort 

To and From Lyon   
By taxi or hire car: 2.5 hours
By bus service: approx. 4 hours
By helicopter: approx. 50 mins   
To and From Geneva   
By taxi or hire car: 3 hours
By bus service: approx. 4 hours in a bus
By helicopter: 40 minutes   
This depends on time of day, weather conditions, the week in the season and of course, traffic flow (not relevant to helicopter travel!).



The quickest route to resort from any airport is by helicopter. Decadent we know but if affordable, it’s the only way to travel. You might be surprised by the prices and if you really detest the drive up the mountain, this could be your new mode of transport to Val.

Prices are as follows:

Prices are based on travel from Val d'Isere or Tignes to the destination listed. Return flights are the same price.

  Helicopter mono - turbine Bi - turbine
* if available 5 Seats 6 Seats * 5 Seats 6 Seats *
GENEVE *** 2,500 2,900 4,200 5,100
LYON ST EXUPERY 2,700 3,200 4,000 4,900
ALBERTVILLE 1,400 1,700 2,160 2,600
ANNECY 1,600 1,900 2,600 3,200
AVORIAZ 1,800 2,160 2,800 3,400
CHAMBERY 1,800 2,100 2,900 3,500


1,400 2,000 2,500


1,150 2,000 2,500


2,300 3,100 3,750


2,900 3,900 4,700


3,200 4,200 5,100


4,900 6,600 7,950
L'ALPES D'HUEZ 1,540 1,850 2,400 2,900


1,130 1,400 1,700


460 950 1,150


3,200 4,200 5,100




1,150 2,000 2,500


3,200 4,000 4,900


1,400 2,000 2,500
NICE/CANNES 3,800 4,500 6,400 7,700


1,150 2,000 2,500

Mono turbine is a helicopter with one engine. Bi turbine is more expensive as it includes two engines. The probability of an accident is very slim but extremely cautious travellers might chose the bi turbine option!

* Subject to authorization

*** Possibily of landing only if PPR obtained

A VIP Range of craft is avaliable at extra cost.

How to book a helicopter transfer  
If you would like to book a helicopter transfer, we can make your reservation for you so please contact us either on UK tel: 0203 393 0812 or by email on

Bus service

Buses from Lyon Airport (Saint Exupery):


There are 4 options on Saturday and all other days of the week, 3 options. The timetable is available at

The cost is 56€ one-way, 84€ return for adults. There are discounts for those under 24 years of age.
The duration of the trip is approximately 4 hours as it makes stops en-route. This varies according to the timetable as well as traffic and weather conditions.

Buses from Geneva International Airport:

Services &
You might find the Geneva tourist office website useful at

The bus runs regularly on Saturdays and all other days of the week there are 3 options. Don’t arrive late in the day if you want to catch a bus as you will be disappointed and stranded. You can check out the timetable at

The cost is 50€ one-way, 85€ return for adults. Children are half fare if under 12 years of age.

The duration of the trip is approximately 4 hours as it makes stops en-route. This varies according to the timetable as well as traffic and weather conditions.

Buses - other services

Bourg St Maurice bus service to Val

Chambery to Val d’Isere