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Val d'Isere Town

Life in Val started at the Church and the place gradually grew from there. The Church is still very much part of the town in the Old Village. This sector is undoubtedly the prettiest, with quaint, old stone properties lining little snow filled streets. From the Church, the town is one long high street with an abundance of shops and services on offer.

All our accommodation is well situated with lifts, shops and bus stops in mind. A free bus service operates in Val running from early morning until late at night. This is ideal if you don't fancy walking with heavy skis or after a cocktail or two!    
Val d'Isere as a resort actually has 4 distinct localities:   
La Daille     
As you pass the ‘Welcome to Val d’Isere sign’ you come in to La Daille. This is hamlet of Val but is still very much part of Val d’Isere. This is where the Funival is located and where the World Cup racing takes place. It is easy to hop on a bus to town if you finish your ski day here and it is a great place to start your day as the queues tend to be much lighter than Solaise. Walking in to town from here is not a great idea as it takes about 25 minutes so the bus is a much better bet! The La Daille sector is where we do most of our skiing as you get the vertical very quickly and the runs are challenging, fast and just exceptional.    
Centre of Val 
This is the area we all talk about and detailed at the beginning of this section. All the commerce & main restaurants are based here. You can start your ski day from the centre by walking or taking a bus to get to the Solaise Express that takes you up the Solaise sector or the Bellevarde Express that whisks you up to the Bellevarde sector. They go their separate ways but start from the same place (or rather very near to each other in case a seasoned client notices!). If you don’t want to take an Express chair, you can also start or finish your day using a cable car. Both go from the town centre very near to the lifts mentioned above.

Laisinant Val d'Isere
Another hamlet of Val and just a short walk outside the centre of town. This is a quaint, quiet part of town as it is away from the madding crowd. You can ski back to it at night off the Solaise sector and catch a bus from the main road to start your day. We have one rental property up here and it is becoming more and more popular. There are a few bars and restaurants there that are well worth sampling or a 15 min walk (max) will take you to the centre of town. People tend to forget about Laisinant w hich for some guests is perfect!

Le Fornet
This is another hamlet of Val that houses the cable car that takes you to the Glacier and some amazing off-piste runs. It has wonderful mountain views, a great restaurant called Arolay (well worth a visit) and the hamlet has winding, small, cobbled streets where a lot of the old Val d’Isere families live.

Winter Events

A calendar of events is available throughout the winter and clients can be updated in resort with upcoming events during their stay.

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Unfortunately there are no longer any free car spaces in Val D’Isere.  There are 6 short stay public car parks, which are listed with their prices below.

Car Park Location 7 or 8 Days
P0 Centre Across from Dicks Tea Bar. Underground parking. Height restriction 2.05m €92
P1 Face de Bellevarde Between Convention Centre and the Solaise Piste (near small tunnel). Underground parking. Height restriction 2.10m €79
P2 Daille In La Daille on left hand side as you enter town. Underground parking. Height restriction 1.90m €79
P5 Plain de la Daille On right hand side of road, before you enter Val D’Isere. Open air parking. Height restriction for entrance 2.00m €58
P6 Laisinant The top of Val D’Isere, toward the Fornet lifts. Open air parking. Height restriction for entrance 2m. €58
P7 Manchet Behind Le Chatelard (other side of the piste). Open air parking. Height restriction for entrance 2m €58

To book your parking space, go to