Travel Insurance

Much as none of us like to think about the hazards of skiing, accidents do happen and it is vital to have the correct cover in place. We have used MPI Brokers for many years to insure ourselves and our staff. They provide the level of cover we would expect in a good insurance policy at competitive rates.

It is important to book insurance at the time of booking your holiday so that you are covered in the event that you might have to cancel your holiday so having insurance is not only about accidents but change of circumstances too.

Many skiers travel abroad without insurance or adequate cover - don't be one of them. Make sure the policy you choose provides cover for the activities that you are planning to do.

The key features are -

  • Off Piste – with or without a guide
  • Mountain Rescue – Including rescue by helicopter
  • Other Wintersports Activities – Skidooing, tobogganing, local ski racing etc.
  • Personal Liability – Injuring other skiers
  • Family policies – discounted rates
  • 24-hour Emergency Assistance – up to £5,000,000
  • Plus all usual Travel Insurance cover including having to cancel your holiday, flight delays, loss of luggage. Please see policy wording for exact details.

To get a quote and more information on cover for COVID-19, plus an online discount with MR&C, click here: