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A personal message from Debbie...

"I personally care about our clients. I am in resort to work very much hands on with the staff to ensure you have a memorable holiday with us and more importantly, you will book again and recommend us to your friends. I have travelled extensively and gathered information as to what makes a holiday and how to do things right. I have implemented as much as is feasible in to our holiday services. I used to work in the service industry so realise that quality service & satisfaction is paramount.

Staff are extensively trained in November and hand picked by me. I try to lead by example so every person is aware of the importance to deliver the promise I make to our clients and I expect the very best from them. Company loyalty and attitude to work are two very important aspects of their jobs and every year the team has performed to the highest standards.

Anyone who has worked with me will tell you that I am very passionate about cleanliness, preparation and delivery of my product. I try to visit every single property on Saturdays to ensure it is ready and meets with my standard of cleanliness and presentation.

Product claims and pictures of properties are all very well but they must live up to your expectations. We don’t use props in our pictures that don’t exist in the chalets, we don’t use misleading huge wide angle lenses when taking pictures and we don’t write anything about a property that is not true.

All this means you get what you pay for. Our cooks must have a proven track record in the industry in order to qualify to work for us. This is to ensure they meet with our high standard of content and presentation.

We ensure all properties are well maintained and meet a basic criteria and we listen to client feedback provided in questionnaires. If a property is not good enough to be in our portfolio, we offer it to other companies to rent. If necessary we use the questionnaire feedback to discuss home improvements with owners and in the few cases this has been necessary, the owners have listened and acted upon our feedback.

All this must be one of the reasons why our clients come back to Mountain Rooms & Chalets year after year after year."  

Debbie White - Owner & Manager of Mountain Rooms & Chalets

photo credit : Andy Parant

Reasons to book with us

  • Ease of booking
  • Great staff in resort
  • Accommodation is exactly as you paid for (and more!)

Accurate selling   

Mhairi Seymour manages our Reservations.  She is a seasoned Val d’Isere skier and ex. worker who knows the town and the slopes inside out having completed a number of winters in resort. This can also be said for our portfolio of properties as honest and accurate selling is our mantra in the office.

We are dedicated to answering all enquiries by giving as much information to you as possible to help you choose the right accommodation for you. We will look after you from the moment you enquire to the day you travel.