Places to eat in Val d'Isere

There are so many restaurants in the resort but we have our favourites.
One of our self catered clients asked for a 7 day restaurant guide so we have come up with a pick of the best and devised three categories (high end & more expensive, mid range & reasonable, lower & cheap) to help you understand the pricing structure.
We then give you our choice for a 7-day stay to include:

  • If money and feeding a family is not an issue
  • Feeding a family

The recommendations & comments made are purely our opinion and based on dining at our expense and feedback from guests and friends. They are listed in alphabetical order.

High end & more expensive    

There are a few high-end restaurants in Val that have varied wine lists, discerning menus and good reputations. When we say they are ‘expensive’ we mean they are the more expensive restaurants in town but we don’t mean extortionate by any means! 

Atelier Edmond, Le Fornet                                                                                   
Val d'Isere's finest restaurant boasting 2 Michelin stars up in the hamlet of Le Fornet. It is a great place for a special occasion with tasting menus or a la carte.  Well worth a visit for food lovers.  This is everything you expect from a Michelin starred restaurant.                                                                                          Tel:  04 79 00 00 82  email:        

The Blizzard Hotel restaurant     
It is not often you think of using a hotel restaurant for dining out if you are a non-resident but this one welcomes anyone to their bar & dining room. The food is traditional using local products and creativity. Tables are furnished with fine wine glasses, thick table linens and flowers or candles. 
A reservation is a must. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 06 02 07.         features the menu throughout the season. It was hard for me to find so ensure you click on ‘Going through the hotel’ to get to the Restaurant prompt. 

The Mourra     
The new sister hotel and restaurant of the Blizzard, this is an exciting new venue for residents and non-residents to enjoy.   Out with Savoyarde fare and in with Japanese influenced cuisine.  Soft shell crab, octopus salad, black cod, panko prawns, mochi (yum) and plenty of delicious dishes..  Located at the top of town on the right hand side, it is well worth a visit.  It is fast becoming our favourite.  Expensive but worth it if you fancy a change from cheese!             Tel:  04 79 40 28 70.  They speak English. 

K2 Chogori Hotel, L'Altiplano Restaurant

The new kid on the block for this winter who enjoyed a test run this summer.  Located where the Hotel Moris & Pub used to be, the menu is Peruvian inspired with dishes designed for sharing.   Think fish ceviche and avocado, lomo saltado (a traditional dish using sauteed beef) and so much more.  We visited this summer and everything was delicious and beautifully presented.  Tel:  04 79 04 08 20.  They speak English. 
Hotel Barmes de L’Ours, Rotisserie     
The hotel restaurants are open to non-residents and we highly recommend the Rotisserie. They have lunchtime menus for skiers, and in the evening, a choice of regional specialities, menus and à la carte. They have a huge choice of starters; you choose your main course, huge choice of cheeses to help yourself to and the same with dessert. Their wine list is extensive and despite paying slightly more to eat here, we feel the standard of the food warrants it. We love it. See ‘Hotels’ section for details of the location. 

Le Miroir, ‘Chez Merie’     
This is a very special restaurant located in the tiny village of Miroir about 20mins drive out of town near Saint Foy. We call it le Miroir but its real name is ‘Chez Merie’. Its formula is very much like Chalet du Cret but prices are slightly cheaper (probably due to the out of town location). You walk through the tiny village to access the restaurant by passing the smallest Chapel in the world, the old farm houses that still have the animals in the same building as the residents and it's just the most quaint place we have ever come across. It is a restaurant based in the chalet belonging to ‘Merie’ and we always felt like we were eating in their dining room as it was so small and cosy and we always enter by the back door that takes you through the kitchen. However, last year they extended the restaurant by knocking a wall down and doubling the size. This has made it more commercial and we feel something has been lost in that but we still insist on at least one or two meals there in a season. Service is not the quickest but you are there to soak up the wonderful surroundings as much as eat so you don’t mind the wait.
Reservations are a must for this place so call +33 (0)4 79 06 90 16. We can give you directions if required. 

La Savoyarde     
This is another hotel restaurant that has a solid reputation amongst seasoned visitors. It has a Savoyarde charm as the hotel name suggests.  The head chef is a permanent fixture apparently so you are guaranteed great food, year after year. We don’t know much about the menu but we do know that locals rave about this place so it must be worthy of a visit.
Call for reservations on +33 (0)4 79 06 01 55. 
Table des Neige     
Until living and working in Val, I would never have thought to eat in a hotel restaurant but there seem to be so many good ones in Val and this one is no exception. Located in the Hotel Tsanteleina just by the tourist office, we became aware of its menu as we were asked to translate it from French to English. It was one of those menus with creative descriptions and flowery wording but we were left very impressed and pleasantly surprised.  They have a seafood night on Fridays that is buffet style with fresh and delicous fish of all shapes and sizes on offer.  Well worth a visit.  
Call for reservations on +33 (0)4 79 06 12 13. 

Lower end & cheap 

As we all know, skiing is not a cheap sport so if you are looking for a simple, inexpensive meal, we have included a few options for you. 
Roxy/Quicksilver cafe
This is a clothing shop and burger bar on the main street by the Hotel Kandahar. The formula has been a huge success and everyone enjoys the informal atmosphere and classic burger and chips on offer. You can either sit at the bar or at one of the cubicle tables and watch some extreme snowboarding on the big screen whilst eating. This is open early (for breakfast) until late at night. Reservations are not necessary. Tell 04 79 06 09 54

Flash Pizza     
The reason why we’ve included this is not only because they do a good pizza but because they also do a take away or home delivery service. It is not easy to find if you prefer to eat in the restaurant itself as it is down the alley between the Gallery des Cimes and the Canyon restaurant. You can call to make your order and pay on delivery or pick up making it an easy option to go for after a long, tiring day on the slopes.
Telephone +33 (0)4 79 41 96 06. 
Good traitors     
This isn’t the name of a restaurant just the collective French name for ready-made dishes and foodstuffs on offer in the supermarkets. We thought we would include this as you may not know that the supermarkets prepare & sell things like paella, roast chickens, salads, potato dishes and lots more. Not everyone fancies cooking or eating out after a tiring day so these items offer a handy alternative. We highly recommend the Casino supermarket just below Victors restaurant in the centre of town. All supermarkets will deliver to your home within working hours too.


Mid range & reasonable  

The Fondue Factory   
This is the restaurant and building that replaced the stalwart Perdrix Blanche.  Sadly no oysters to be found in the new Fondue Factory but instead you have a fun new take on the classic fondue.  It is a must for 1 night of your stay.  With high ceilings, modern decor, central bar and the Ski Museum as you enter, you are sure to enjoy an evening out in there.  Tel:  04 79 08 04 37.  

It depends what you call 'reasonable' but we have put this restaurant in this category as I would classify it as mid range but it is a little more expensive than all other entries.  Trendy decor, a bar with live music and the restaurant at the back.  It has developed a solid reputation with locals and visitors so worth a visit.  Book as it gets chokka block.  2 sittings either 7.30 pm or 9pm.          Tel: 04 79 06 18 19. 

La Source                                                                                                                  The old Sur La Montagne is under new ownership for winter 18/19 and now called L Source.  Backed by the old owners of the Grand Ourse this new venture for the joint owners offers a brasserie, pizza and salad bar menu suitable for all the family.    Tel:  04 79 40 06 12, open daily, email:

Taverne d’Alsace     
This is slightly different from the norm as it specialises in Alsaciennes food so the influence is German = a range of sausages & sauerkraut. In addition they serve a selection of seafood and a ‘carte brasserie’ including staples like steak and chips, cottage pie or risotto. Situated under the Hotel Kandahar in the centre of town, this is a very popular place with locals and visitors. A booking is a must. Tel: +33 479 06 48 49.  If you arrive late in town this is your best bet for a meal.  They are one of the few restaurants open very late. 

Brasserie du Grand Cocor     
Popular with the locals, this is a very French bar/café with simple décor and friendly staff. Lots of people who visit Val year after year include this in their list of favourite places to eat or drink. Open all day for lunch or dinner, this is a very reasonably priced place to eat and soak up the French atmosphere.
You don’t normally have to book in advance but on high season weeks it is advisable to call ahead. Tel: +33 (0)4 79 41 94 33 
Paolo Cafe (used to be called Chez Paolo)  
Under new ownership last season and formerly known as Chez Paolo.  Theyto make a delicious pizza followed by the best tiramisu. Its located at the Rond Point area and open for lunch in addition to evenings, so it's a great option for hungry families. They also do a take-away service, which is why we all know and love it so well!  Simple decor, good pizza. 
Tel +33 (0)4 79 06 28 04
Chez Nano     
We had a big debate about including this one as we love Paolo’s so much but we decided it deserved an entry. It has built a good reputation for its pizzas but it does have other things on offer that include meat and fish dishes. It is a few doors down from Dicks Tea Bar making it a more central, alternative to Paolos.
Call for Reservations on +33 (0)4 79 06 18 41. 
This one advertises as specialising in Savoyarde food that means fondue, raclette or brasserades but Phill in our office tells us it is not just that.  Good food, variety and cosy atmosphere  It is part of the Blizzard hotel and located just under the main reception. It knows how to serve the classic dishes and it offers good value for money. The wine list includes wines from other regions and is full and varied.
Call for Reservations on +33 (0)4 79 06 69 39. 

Casa Scara     
This is an Italian restaurant situated just opposite the Church in the old town. It is a family run restaurant so the atmosphere is friendly and the food is delicious. The menu is varied to include traditional Italian fare (tomato/mozzarella starter, brushetta, pasta & pizza dishes ) as well as classic meat dishes.
Telephone for reservations on +33 (0)4 79 06 26 21. 

Planning your week

7 days, money no issue:

  • Saturday; The Fondue Factory
  • Sunday:  The Baraque
  • Monday:  The Blizzard
  • Tuesday:  The Mourra 
  • Wednesday:  Taverne d’Alsace
  • Thursday:  K2 L'Altiplano in town or Miroir (that is out of town)
  • Friday:  The Table des Neige in the Tsanteleina hotel for their seafood night

7 days, feeding a family:

  • Saturday:  The Fondue Factory
  • Sunday:  Chez Nano or Chez Paolo Pizza
  • Monday:  La Source 
  • Tuesday:   Casa Scara
  • Wednesday:  La Luge 
  • Thursday:  Roxy/Quicksilver for burger and chips
  • Friday:  Baraque (end on a high in this busy, buzzing, restaurant)