Lift Passes

Lift Passes in Val d'Isere

The STVI work flat out to ensure the lifts around the Espace Killy work quickly and efficiently and the pistes are perfectly groomed for us to enjoy. They continue to invest in Val d'Isere to improve the lift system for our benefit.  16 million euros was spent on the new Solaise cable car and facilities at the top of the Solaise domain.  So its reasonable to say that we shouldn't begrudge purchasing our lift passes to play in such a huge, well managed area.

Your ski pass covers the entire Espace Killy that includes Tignes and Val d'Isere. A six-day ski pass is also valid for a one-day ski pass in neighbouring resorts (La Plagne, 3 Valleys & Les Arcs). Children under 5 go free. Children = 5 to 13 years. Senior citizens from 65 - 74 qualify for a cheaper price than adults and Senior citizens from 75+ go free!

The STVI have done away with the old pass discount. What they offer instead is the VIP pass, (5% of for adult and 10% off for children). Get a VIP Card if you want to benefit from permanent discounts on your ski passes, from gift vouchers and special offers during all the season, for only 10€ extra on top of the price of your ski pass.

Purchasing Your Ski Passes

We can purchase lift passes as part of our service and on your behalf.  We do the work for you saving you hours of fun standing in line with the rest of the world. All you have to do is:

  • Place the order at the LATEST the Wednesday prior to your arrival. 
  • Just let us know how many days you would like and with or without insurance, adults or children.
  • Provide the full name and date of birth for anyone up to 13 years to qualify for a childs pass (adult passes start from 14yrs old).  
  • For a family pass provide the full name and date of birth for every family member.  
  • We then purchase the passes that we pick up at 4pm Saturday afternoons to hand out either on arrival or we will deliver them to your chalet/apartment.
  • You no longer need a picture for a pass up to 8 days.
  • If you would like your passes to start earlier than Sunday morning we can also get them for you.


  • Payment can be made by credit card. 
  • Payment must be made prior to your arrival. 

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Season Dates for the Coming Season  

Official start date (i.e. first day the lifts operate)
Saturday 28th November 2020.

Official end of season (i.e. last day the lifts operate)
Sunday 2nd May 2021.

*CHILD 5-13 years
*SENIOR 65-74 years


Early Season

28th Nov - 18th Dec


*CHILD 5-13 years
*SENIOR 65-74 years

Early Season

28th Nov - 18th Dec


Rates for winter 2020/21

1/2 Day**  



37.00 30.00
1 Day  



50.00 40.00
2 Days  



88.00 71.00
3 Days  



132.00 106.00
4 Days  



176.00 141.00
5 Days  



220.00 176.00
5 Days out of 8 ("flexi")             300.00                  240.00     240.00 192.00
6 Days  



252.00 202.00
6 Days out of 8 ("flexi")             340.00                   272.00 272.00 218.00
7 Days  



295.00 236.00
8 Days  



296.00 237.00
9 Days  



332.00 266.00
10 Days  



368.00 295.00
11 Days  



405.00 324.00
12 Days  



442.00 354.00
13 Days  



479.00 384.00
14 Days  



516.00 413.00
15 Days  



552.00 442.00
Season Pass  



1141.00 913.00

Children under 5 and Seniors over 75 are eligible for a free lift pass, however you will still need to collect one from the lift pass office with photo identification.

Where you are a family of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7, all passes are charged at 252per member of the family for a 6 day pass or 295 for a 7 day pass. Or in early season, this is reduced to 202€ per member of the family for a 6 day pass or 236€ for a a 7 day pass.

If you would like to extend the duration of your ski pass, the prices are as follows =                                                                                                                                        

A 6 - 14 day pass can be extended by a maximum of 2 days at a cost of 54€ per day for adults and 44€ per day for children and seniors;

A 15 day pass can be extended by a maximum of 6 days at a cost of 23€ per day for adult and 19€ per day for children and seniors.

All passes between 28th November and 18th December have a 20% discount.

Carre Neige Insurance is 3€ per day per person and covers you for search and rescue costs , primary transport costs, the refund of your lift pass in case of accident , defence costs, the cost of transport to the nearest medical centre and transprt home.

* Some form of identification is required for reduced rate passes.
** Half day pass on sale from 12.45pm.