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With lockdown back in place in the UK, the French protecting their borders and this new strain taking hold, we are all left wondering if we will get a ski season at all this year in Val d'Isere.  Whatever the outcome we still have our future travel plans to look forward to.  We can all dream of skiing with friends and family and getting back to normal.  

Val d'Isere is currently closed for skiing but resort is open for randonee, skate & XC skiing and walking in the stunning mountains.  The last announcement from the French government confirmed no lifts will open Feb 1st or likely any time in February.  This is to be confirmed at the next announcement due 27th Jan 2021.  So it is NOT true that resorts will not open at all this season, although we think this is a possibility.  We can't speculate hence waiting for the next announcement to confirm the situation.  The ski industry desperately needs clarity. 

For anyone who can make it out, we are open and waiting to greet you.