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Health pass/Pass Sanitaire and now Covid Vaccine Pass


As of 15th January 2022 France has made it a legal requirement to be vaccinated to access ski lifts, restaurants, bars, cultural centres & events, cinemas, long distance public transport and leisure centres.

This used to be called a Health Pass or Pass Sanitaire that European countries have been using since last summer.  Those who had been fully vaccinated, or who had previously had Covid-19 or who could show a negative test result could move freely within the EU.  This was not the case for unvaccinated travellers.

As of Jan 15th:

  • this pass is now called a Vaccine Pass (le pass vaccinal)
  • that means people have to be vaccinated to access ski lifts, bars, cafes, restaurants, public transport, events, cinemas, cultural centres, leisure centres.
  • a negative Covid-19 test result WILL NOT SUFFICE
  • this is a measure by the French government to encourage vaccinations and penalise the unvaccinated who previously had to have a valid reason for travel and entry.

The changes:

  • Anyone aged 16+  will need a Vaccine Pass
  • Those under 12 are exempt
  • An exception is in place for children 12-16 who will only be required to use a Health Pass, so they can still get daily lateral flow tests in order to get their health pass to ski/use public transport & enter cafes, bars, restaurants, swimming pools etc..
  • People not vaccinated will be prevented from skiing, eating out, travelling and attending cultural events unless they have an ‘imperative reason’ to do so. 

Legally we do not require proof of this Vaccine Pass in order to occupy our properties.

How to show proof of your vaccination

UK travellers can show proof via the NHS app by clicking on the travel option and following the prompts to generate your pass.

Others can convert their vaccination certificates at the Pharmacie du Solaise on the main street by emailing .  You then pay 36€ per pass, email, pay, pick up on arrival.  You must provide:

  • Copy of your proof of vaccination
  • + passport

For children 12-16, you can get a Health pass

  • If your child had covid AND a jab
  • Or a jab and COVID after the jab

If you child has had NO jab and only Covid, you still need to be tested EVERY 24 hours. 

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