Shared Property/Rooms

Sleeps up to 1 Persons

Rent & pay for a bed in an apartment sharing with others. We are offering seasonaires the chance to pay for a bed for the winter without having to find others to share with or pay for an entire apartment on your own.

The Pros

  • guarantees you a bed for the entire winter season
  • no need to find other room mates reducing the stress of organizing your accommodation
  • no need to pay for an apartment on your own
  • enables you to live in a property that otherwise you might not be able to afford
  • you get to meet new people and share with others for the winter
  • people often find it hard to meet people and mix with others when they rent a property exclusively. This is a great way of making new friends to socialise & ski with.

The Cons

  • you don’t get to choose your accommodation
  • you might not get on with the people you share with
  • lack of privacy as most properties are small

How it works
This is something new we have introduced as we get so many requests from people who are 1 or 2 people looking for a seasonal let. So we have introduced a per bed rate to help people sort out their accommodation if they don’t want to, (or can afford) take a property exclusively.

Hopefully the pros and cons make it very clear what is involved with this type of rental as we want people to be as informed as possible prior to handing over any money.

The logical way of making this work =
You sign up and pay for a bed at one of the rates advertised above.

We then allocate a bed to you in one of the properties on our website.

We fill up that property according to the number of beds available i.e. 121 Cimes has 1 double & 4 singles = 6 people. This is the only way we can make the rental amounts work.

If one person wants to rent a double bed, the rental amount has to be double, as advertised above. This guarantees you privacy without having to pay for the entire apartment.

We issue a contract for the winter that you have to sign and return to us.

Price & Availability