Bars in Val d'Isere

Places for a drink

Val d'Isere has a reputation for being a party town and one that the local councillors would like to change. We are very keen not to encourage visitors who are interested more in drinking than skiing to book a holiday, as after all, we sell ski holidays to a ski resort!! But rest assured, we are not party poopers here at Mountain Rooms & Chalets as we recognise you are on holiday and you might wish to supplement your skiing with a few drinks in the bar. So here are our recommendations:

Hotel Bars worth visiting  

Hotel Tsanteleina     
A contemporary hotel with some traditional twists, this bar is worth visiting. A central log fire roars away during the winter months and you can seat yourselves in one of the many comfortable sofas and chairs and await service. This is a civilised place to go and drink where you can hear yourself speak! We highly recommend it.

Hotel Mourra                                                                                                    Brand New December '16, this is the new sister hotel to the Blizzard and offers an impressive bar in a new, hotel surrounding.  A large bar with ample seating either on stools or surrounding sofas plus mirrored decor behind the bar makes it a stylish drinking hole.  Located at the top of town, up past the Moris Pub on the right, it is worth a little walk or hop on the bus. 

The Hotel Blizzard   
Our favourite bar that houses a wonderfully serene and well-stocked bar that welcomes non-residents with a smile. It has low panelled ceilings, a fireplace and large comfortable sofas to relax in and enjoy your favourite aperitif. This bar is one of our favourite après work boltholes!

The Hotel Kandahar   
The Taverne d'Alsace is the name of the bar within the hotel that is located at the bottom of the main street offers an informal 'sit at the bar' setting as well as larger tables for bigger groups. Again, this is a well stocked bar with most brands to cater for any nationality.

Hotel L’Aigle des Neiges   
Formerly the Hotel Latitude, the hotel underwent a serious renovation and re-branding exercise to emerge as the new very trendy place to go in town.  The hotel bar is decorated with contemporary comfy seating, low lighting and a stage housing 2 white grand pianos.  Music and entertainment is part of the après ski and evening scene.  Singers wander around and mingle with guests in a very relaxed atmosphere.  We love it here and highly recommend a visit for anyone looking for atmosphere and trendy surroundings.

photo credit : Andy Parant

Apres Ski   

Dicks Tea Bar     
has to have a mention as its still the famous bar for après ski and late night dancing. It opens just as the lifts close and shuts its doors in the early hours so you have plenty of time to enjoy the famous bar/night club. 

Voted best Apres ski bar last year it has gained hugely in popularity.  Located at the base of the Solaise piste, great for watching live bands.  
Victors Bar     
was new to the scene about three years ago. It offers its famous 2 for 1 cocktails until 10pm daily, so beware of sampling too many concoctions before dinner, you might not make it back to the chalet!


 If you are as passionate about coffee as we are, you will be relieved to know that our resort office (4 Properyt & The Mountain Hub) serves the best Latte, Cappuccino or Espresso in town. Made from Lavazza coffee using a commercial machine with the capsule system (can you now see how important a cup of coffee is to us!) you will be guaranteed a decent cup of coffee every day during your stay. Open early morning until late at night, you can pick up a take away en route or relax in the café itself.

Wine bar

 A new entry that deserves its own section.  Antoine's wine bar just down from the Sherpa supermarket is a must for any wine lover.  With an impressive wine list you can enjoy a decent glass or share a bottle amongst friends.  He serves a platter of the regions cheeses, hams and local bread to help soak up the delicious wine and it all makes it a very pleasant experience after a long day on the slopes.