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Coronavirus Update


12.45 pm, Thurs 19th March

The dust has settled following the severity of the closure of Val d'isere on Sunday morning and we are all now living a new life here in Val d'isere.  We are down to 4 staff. 

We have completed our Attestation forms permitting us to legally move around resort to do our job of closing down all our properties.  We have 82 in total and we are well under way.  In resort, this is our focus.  We also still have seasonal tenants in resort who have decided to sit it out here, so we need to ensure we are available for them as required.  

In our UK office is working from home and trying to assist anyone with insurance claims by issuing the necessary paperwork for your cancelled accommodation.  We have applied for the lift pass refunds for those who were here last week and anyone who had paid for them up to the end of the season will get a refund.  We are still open and we have diverted the resort line to the UK. 

We are deeply saddened that those who had booked to come are now unable to do so.  This is the worst case scenario for everyone including our staff who have had their season cut short. 

We hope everyone will stay safe and get through this the best way possible.